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16th Birthday | Sixteen Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas
16 Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas

United States of America is known to give teenagers the time of their life with stunning theme parties and food to match. When it comes to giving a 16th birthday party, meticulous planning is required right from the invitations to decoration, games and other activities, party food, birthday favors and everything else that makes the party engaging and memorable.

16th Party Decorations

TOP 10 16th Birthday Gift Ideas | Gifts for a Sixteen Year Old

Digital Camera
Web camera, Underwater camera, or a digital camera are great gif ideas for a 16 year old.

Movie Tickets
Buy a couple of tickets - they can go and watch a movie with a friend.

Go with a popular movie, or a music dvd.

Buy a game for them - check with their parent to find out what they have already got.

Photo Frame
A photo frame for themselves and friends photos. Digital photo frames are another idea.

Pin Board
A pin board for their bedroom that can have all their favorite photos of themselves and friends displayed.

Gift Certificates

If you don't like the idea of giving cash then a gift certificate that matches their interests is a great last resort.

itunes gift card
music that they can listen to.

Card and Cash
A gift card with money - they can buy what they want.

A Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party

'Sixteen candles make a lovely light; but not as bright as your eyes tonight!' 

When Luther Dixon said this about being 16, he hinted at a magical 16th birthday party, a must-have for any boy or girl turning sixteen.

In the USA, celebrating a son or daughter’s 16th birthday has become a tradition of sorts. Generally speaking, a special 16th birthday party is associated with girls and linked to the idea of their 'coming of age'.  However, it is not uncommon to witness a unique 16th Birthday bash for boys wrapped in surprises and of course 'cologne'!

Theme Ideas for the Girls

The Diva Theme - Let your girl feel like a princess by doing a Diva' 16th birthday party.  Decorate with feather boas, balloons, satin ribbons, flowers and glitter.  Arrange for a few stylists to come and give the guests a makeover and tips on hair and makeup.  This is your daughter's age to blossom and face the world in style and she's going to love the idea.  A belief from ancient times suggests that when a girl turned 16, her father bought her a pair of heels to mark the moment and her mother crowned her with a tiara. This idea can be incorporated in the party to add the parent's special touch.

Serve food in style on elaborate platters and dishes and include cheese and finger sandwiches, crackers, fruit salads, pasta, a chocolate fondue pot etc. A layered cake or a decorated sheet cake with a sixteenth birthday message will finish off a perfect party.

The Eco Theme / Green Theme - A 16th Birthday party is a great way to educate your girl about the environment while creating a beautiful setting with bamboo lamps, candles, driftwood flower arrangements and plants.  An organic clothing dress code with terra cotta and jute jeweler, a 'green' fashion show on a wooden ramp will be a memorable event for your daughter.  Wooden platters carrying fresh finger foods, chips and dips can float around!

A Retro Theme - Recreate the bygone Hollywood era as a gift for your girl's 16th Birthday gala.  Have a fancy hairdo competition or have the girls dress up as Marilyn Monroe or Katherine Hepburn. Arrange for a surprise Limo ride for the guests to a movie. See your girl shine through her special party!

Gift Ideas for Sixteen Year Olds
A Sixteen Year Old will love a gift certificate

Theme Ideas for the Boys

There are many different themes that 16 year old boys will enjoy.  These include a horror theme, a pirate party with eye-pads for all the guests, a party with a blast of DJ music, or a spy-adventure theme.  These are all ideas that can make your boy's 16th birthday party memorable.  A fast-food spread to complement will keep them hooked!

More 16th Birthday Gift Ideas

A birthday always calls for a celebration together with friends and family.  It is the perfect time to be grateful and happy because it indicates another year added to a person's life.  So it is important that each birthday is made memorable. A person's 16th birthday is an extra special birthday as this is the mark of an individual's transition from a childhood phase to an adulthood stage.

If your friend or your child's 16th birthday is coming up, why not help them come up with a party to commemorate this milestone. And to top it all off, give them a gift that will truly define this phase in their lives. If you feel a little overwhelmed with the many choices available for you see below to help obtain some ideas you can give for that special 16-year old.

Gifts For Girls

Unique Jewelry
Now that she has reached this stage in her life, it's about time you give her something which will last a lifetime.  You can purchase branded jewelry made out of gold or silver. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers who offer great styles and designs and you will surely find one suited for her taste and personality.

Whole Day Spa Treatment
Sixteen year olds are starting to be aware of their bodies and start to take care of it.  You can surprise her with a spa certificate in which she can select the treatments and body pampering she needs.  After all, young adulthood can be stressful and to make it more special, you can even hire a car driven by a chauffeur which can take her to the salon and pick her up after the treatment.

Personalized Video Message
If you want a unique and highly personalized gift, you can come up with a video which records all her friends and classmates' message for this special day.  A video message is surely something she will treasure the rest of her life.  Or an alternative present can be a scrapbook.  Invite her friends to help you come up with a book which includes all the pictures depicting all the memories you all shared together.  You can even leave some space so that she can include pictures she will take in the future.

Other gifts include a fantastic range of “Sweet 16” shirts, and a variety of 16th birthday items including caps, hats, birthday bags, mouse pads, key chains or mugs all available from Zazzle.

Gifts for Boys

High-tech device
If he has been bugging you with the latest model of cell phone or laptop, this would probably be the perfect (and only) time you can give in.  There is no doubt that every teen would want to get hold of the latest piece of technology which has the features he has been dying to try.

Car ( Real or Toy depending on your Budget)
For the boys, arriving at the age of 16 means getting their license. What better gift to give than a car - whether it is a toy replica of a dream car or help with a deposit for his first car. And for the really spoilt a real car that is ready to drive on the road!

Clothing gift card
Give your sixteen year old an opportunity to choose his own clothes. Purchase a gift card of his favorite brand and allow him to buy the t-shirts, pants and accessories which he thinks would suit his personal style. They are at this certain age which they starting to form their own sense of fashion. Now, they will never be caught in an embarrassing outfit ever again.

A person hitting the 16th mark mean they are getting closer to adulthood. Their 16th birthday gifts should have that special meaning as well.


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