🎈 How to have a Lockdown Party

With the spread of COVID19 around the world there are times when you may have no alternative but to celebrate a birthday or special occasion at home – without your friends and family by your side in your own home, or at a restaurant or whatever. This may be due to illness, or restrictions in your area.

What is a Lockdown Party?

Its just like having your friends and family over but they stay in their own home. Linking up with online video conferencing is something everyone  is getting used to and it is becoming a normal way to communicate in the pandemic.  Set a date, email some invitations – include instructions, and any other information that will make the party a success. This may be recipes for food or cocktails or food to buy to “share”.

What to do in a lockdown party

It will depend on your family and friends and what you all like doing. Use your imagination and come up with something unique that will be remembered for years to come. Here are some ideas:

  • Make a cocktail at the same time, then enjoy drinking it.
  • Organise to have dinner delivered around the same time
  • Organise a menu and have everyone cook the same thing
  • Cheese and wine tasting
  • Listen to music and chat

Lockdown PartyWhat software to use for a lockdown party

Make sure anyone that is not used to video conferencing is able to set up prior to the date. Have a test go with them and help them feel confident in using video for chatting. There are a few different options and what you use will depend on what the majority of your friends and family are already using. These are some options that will help you get your online party happening:

Facebook – All you need to do is open an existing chat and click on the little video icon to start a video chat.

Zoom – Free video conferencing software – easy to set up and use.

Airbnb Online Experiences

What about an online experience of  learning to make Japanese souffle pancakes? This would make a great get together for anyone that loves to cook. Invite some family members (anywhere in the world – just need a computer and Zoom) and enjoy! If cooking is not your  thing, Airbnb have lots of other online experiences that you can choose for a fathers day gift.
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Have fun and relax!

Some people may not be used to talking in a group video situation and find it hard to get a word in. Allocate someone to be in charge of making sure everyone gets a go at talking and contributing to the conversation.

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