Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers and Bouquets

Wedding Bouquets for a Beautiful Wedding

There are many options when it comes to wedding bouquets and one of the first places to start is the internet. You can search for the type of flower, type of bouquet and even color choices and create a short list of your favorite findings. It all comes down to personal choice and budget.

Popular types of bouquets:

Roses for GiftsComposite Bouquet

Single petals wired together on a single stem to look like one flower

Roses for GiftsPosy Bouquet

Unstructured bunch of flowers tied together with ribbon

Roses for GiftsNosegay Bouquet

Small, lightly packed bunch of flowers with the stems cut to the same length, which is then wrapped with ribbon.

Roses for GiftsCascade or Shower Bouquet

A flowing style of bouquet that flows over the brides hands.

Roses for GiftsBiedermeier Bouquet

Similar to the nosegay bouquet however has contrasting colored flowers.

Roses for GiftsPomander Bouquet

Sphere or ball of flowers often carried by bridesmaids or flower girls.

The Beach Wedding decorated with Roses

An abundance of rose petals sprinkled on a white carpet to decorate the wedding isle. Absolutely beautiful!

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