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Wedding Attire

What to wear to a Wedding

Once an engagement is announced, most brides and grooms will put together their wedding budget and a large component of that budget will be the wedding dress.
The bride and groom need to decide what type of wedding they both want – elegant, informal, seasonal, themed, indoors, outdoors, or something else. The wedding attire that the groom and bride select is going to set the tone for every other aspect of the wedding including the colour scheme, type of decorations, format and colour of the invitations, colour and formation of the flowers, choice of venue and style of transportation.


The Perfect Wedding Dress

For the bride, her quest for the prefect wedding dress means hours looking at bridal magazines and going to bridal expos in search of the perfect look and then many more hours trying dresses on.

Most women are well aware of what they are looking for in a wedding dress because they have been looking forward to the big day for many years.  The trick will be finding one that is suitable (and beautiful) within the wedding budget.  Most brides will still spend 4 to 8 weeks shopping, trying on and pondering the wedding dress and accompanying attire before it’s even purchased.

Following this 1 to 2 month period, brides still need to allocate ample time for special ordering and custom fitting.  Most women need about three separate fittings so that the wedding dress looks absolutely perfect on the big day. It’s a good idea to allow extra time for unexpected delays and emergencies.

As well as the wedding dress, the bride needs accessories including the veil, headpiece, train, shoes, undergarments, stockings, garter, handbag, and jewelry.  Much of it can be decided and ordered along with the wedding dress, but some accessories will have to be purchased over the coming months.  Be sure to factor in the costs for these accessories when planning the wedding attire budget.

The Groom

When it comes to wedding attire and what to wear on the big day, the men have it easy.  Guys need to locate a tuxedo rental shop six to twelve months before the wedding date, get fitted and then pick up their tuxes, which come with all the accessories they’ll need – cummerbund, bow tie, vest, even shoes the day or two before the big day!

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